I am here


Finally I am here…
I am here to remind you of Who you are.

In the beginning it was nothing, nothing at all. Then suddenly something broke through something that seemed like a wall of fire. The big bang, whatever you want to call it.
It was pure magic. In one moment nothing and in the next everything seemed to evolve all at the same time. All at once. At this place beyond time, everything was just evolving, or it looked like that. But behind this expansion, this evolving was I and therefore you.

We are one you and me, in our soul vessel we are one.

We are all individual souls, part of.. or as I like to call it sparkles of God a kind of a mother consciousness, a consciousness of Love. Of Self Love, but if you had been there you would never have guessed. We all felt really lost, we all wanted to go back home from where we came from. But after a while some of understood that there were no way back home. Home did not exist any more,
Home had become all that was.

And, now I am here. First of all because you asked me for some support to create a  Home for you. Your own creation, my own creation. You are so used to create together with others, many of you still believe that you are one with all the other creative beings. But you are not, you all came from the same place that is correct. You have the same mother/father God as your parents, but they are more than that. They are also singular parts of you.

As You are God Also, God are also You. You see, can you see with both your eyes. Can you see with your eyes, and with Gods eyes at the same time. In a way that is what it takes to be One in You. You have a story, just like I am a part of Jaziels story. It is the story of a child, God growing up to become God to become You.

A Sovereign being in your own domain, in your own creation. You are grander than you ever will admit or dare to believe. That is quite scary isn’t it. Actually you have always been a sovereign being. How could you ever be something else.
If you are God and God are you, do you really think that you can be anything else than a sovereign being, do you.
But I don’t have to tell you this, you know it already don’t you.

So why the fuck aren’t you acting on it, what is actually holding you back, beside of you.

Nothing you say, and you are perfectly right. The void scare the hell out of you, Nothingness. Am I right…

I will take you on a journey in this blog. I will kick your ass, I will make you laugh, 
I will give you practically tools, I will love you like God Loves you for all you have done
and gone through. Spirit, your divine spirit is a part of me and therefore also a part of you. You are born with it, the Love of You. It is already inside.  

I am speaking on behalf of all the creator angels, and the part of God in all of you.
When I am saying I Love You