To Let You Go…

156591_445865042132430_1115349944_n.jpg stor

What can I say,
you are really going into your Master-hood as God in Human form..
You know Jaziel, this will be the last saying of mine as Jazhael, You and those friend of yours, your friends from Home. Are going to become Gods on Earth, Gods in your own creation… Your New Home.  crazy.. yeah, but true.

Come on, you can really start to play. I mean.. you will literally be able for you to switch everything in your creation just by making a choice. Because, when you come fully in to your own consciousness you will decide everything  to do with you, from inside of you. From now of, everything will from You.
Yes you will have that club of yours with other Masters, but you will on your own have your team of you. Your consciousness are all of your creation, so it is only one thing left…

To let you go,
to set you free from this illusion of “been created”,
Because you are, but by you. You have to take ownership of that, you have to own it. Own all that you are… You are close, you are so so close, all of you who reads this, but you are on your own now, you are on your own.
That’s how it is my friends,
The final journey into all that you are, you have to choose. So what do you choose, only you know the answer…

So close your eyes, and breath…
In silence, for how long that it take… and you will know, you will know.

It will really be a new experience, a new world.. a new beginning for you.
You are going into a new kind of existence, a kind of existence that have never before happened on Earth…

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