I published this in November 2012, and still it speaks to me…


I am experiencing that I am to set free all of my creation… not my consciousness, but all the consciousness surrounding me. All the consciousness I have ever created all that is not me.

If what we experience is only energy we can change it to our choice of our own creation. The sender/trans-muter, of the energy is not neutral but the energy is what it is… only energy, not conscious in itself… only energy.
It is a carrier of consciousness from where it came … but it’s just (neutral) energy. 🙂

So what do we do, we change the energy to suit us with our consciousness, not as a group but as an individual. No energy from outside to disturb us as long as we are in our own consciousness, all the energy will also be. ♥

But breathing together are also a good thing to do, the energy inside can only grow in itself by reflecting another energy. You do not have to be conscious about the kind of energy you have created. It is your divine energy… It is you God, the creator energy. The only sovereign being that can create New energy… Your own and around.

To me it is all about trust and love in myself to love my self and to trust to my own greatness. I am the greatest most loving being I have ever created…

I still not be.. that knowingness, but I assume that I am.

It is all about trust ♥ ♥ ♥


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