Goodbye Mother – Goodbye Child!

This is what I feel, I actually felt the tears in the Queens eye when she wished me a great adventure on that special day.
She knew, she would never see me again.

Now this is my knowledge, as I (as a Mother) has given birth to so many Souls on this Earth.
I Love all the Humans, my self included, for this marvelous creation.
My fellow Creator angels, thank you all for this marvelous co-creation.

But I am sad, this world as I know it will cease to exist, I will have to let it go.
Not in the way of destruction but in to a bigger existence.

What you may call a fulfilled consciousness.
Still a part of it yes… Still so much more.

Please, close your eyes and breath deeply and feel it.
Feel the Love of You, the love of your Mother, your Father of all that is.

So much more Love… ❤

I am the Mother, yes but as a distant memory.
But I am the Child of both my mother and me, and I still remember the tear
of pride, 
of sadness, joy and unconditional Love.
The only love that is.

She was,
I am, I Am Love…
I Am in Love, with All that is
I Exist 
I Am God Also

We was the first,
We are the last…
and are to become the first again.
Thank you to all that was, It still is,
All that is, Energy never cease to exist you know.
But the new energy, that extra sand in the sandbox will allow All that Is.
To become one in its own Creation, becoming the Essence Of All That We Are.
It is Completed!

I will like to congratulate you all, We made It!!!

We will all become One in our Own Sovereign Creation.

In love for my Self, I accept my perfect Being.
I cast no judgment or burdens upon my Self.
I accept that everything in my past was given in love.
I accept that everything in this moment comes from love.
I accept that everything in my future will result in greater love.

In my Being, I accept my perfection.
And so it is.

This is the end of the prayer that started it all for me, thank you To-bi-us
and thank you Geoffrey.

Give yourself the pleasure of reading out the text loud when it appear.

8 thoughts on “Goodbye Mother – Goodbye Child!

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  2. Dear Master,
    Lovely, clear and free. I have in the last few days felt into the completing sense of self.

    2014 bought the cardinal cross…I see it more like the Divine presence of I am coming home to each of us. In April the on set of I am – I exist. In July I am allowing all that I am. All the aspects as the emotions returning home. Now as we approach October I am feeling the realization beyond the mental body- I am that I am. Completing self. The Divine and human walking as one presence. Feeling into the final phase in late December of manifesting the Divine presence in form. New body of consciousness in matter. I am joy in the living. Christ in Mass…the Christ risen from within each new embodied Master.

    I have been feeling into all this, but only now can express it so clear. Thanks to your clear and simple post. I am glad to share this here. I do not feel I would like to share it in any of the groups in Facebook or anywhere else.

    Feels right to share here in gratitude, love, compassion and grace.
    I feel the sift is a conscious wave we are all forming and riding together but sovereign in ourselves.
    Much love from Merlin and I.

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  3. Again you have demonstrated how in touch you are with the flow of consciousness….Just last night I had a realization which you have described in your own way. It is the same realization though. I would like to share it with you, not to take away from your sharing but to reinforce it:

    “I realized today that the soul knew from my birth what kind of challenge this human was going to have because it knew all those other 1000s of human aspects and all the messes they got themselves into. Hence, the soul has only smiled and enjoyed the ride as I’ve gone through all the ups and downs of suffering with all its various energy feeding games. None of that ever mattered to the soul because it always knew this human would reach a point of total saturation of all that and at long last would SINCERELY choose to accept who I really am…that is to say, give myself permission to stay within where I EXIST, where I AM dwells, and where I KNOW THAT I KNOW rather than have any reason to go back ‘out there’ still hoping to find a solution. That day has arrived. And the beauty of it all is that this is the only safe and sound place that exists on the planet….right inside me…”

    Thank you IAM for this beautiful sharing of your experience. We have indeed made it! HOME. And who would’ve thought we’d find it in the most unsuspecting place, right inside ourselves!

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