Youngest Cannabis Patient in Spain? Parents Risk Their Own Freedom

I just have one question…
Why is this still illegal?
They tried everything else first ūüė¶

Hemp and Medical Cannabis in Spain

He is known as ‚ÄėJ‚Äô, and he is most¬†probably¬†the youngest cannabis patient in Spain.

His parents obtain medical cannabis oil in Spain for him illegally to alleviate the pain caused by West syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy.

J’s parents revealed their full story to El Mundo (In Spanish) Though on condition that they kept full anonymity. If the Spanish authorities do become aware of their real identity they risk not just ending up in prison but potentially lose custody of their child too. These are the penalties under Spanish law for offering, distributing or promoting the consumption of drugs to minors.

But J’s parents believe that this is a risk worth taking because since J began taking regular doses of cannabis oil, the serious seizures caused by his illness have disappeared. The little boy is back to being himself and, more importantly, his EEG has shown great improvements. Before treatment with…

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