12 Important and Simple steps… How to get through the Shift of Consciousness NOW…

Me, My Magnificent Self

www.memymagnificentself.comI find myself living in similar circumstances to 2 ½ years ago when I experienced the high vibrational energies that are coming in to help Humankind shift their consciousness from fear to love. I felt the effects on my physical body, especially my face that became dry, red, sore and peeling and challenged my personal identity with beauty. You can readhere my post.TheIntense light energy continues to literally pour down,rebalancing themagnetics on Earth and within all Humankind. IAM obviously still releasing my identity withbeauty as my scalp burns with fire and scales in challenging ways. Thankfully I knowwhat is happening and can remain calm and balanced… the majority of the time… and am able to ride through this shift of consciousnessreasonably unscathed.

You may find these links interesting to look at, they show images of beams of light being observed around the world…beforeitsnews, allnewspipeline, watch…

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