Where and Who… are the Masters!!?

Right now It doesn’t feels like I am a Master.. I know I Am
(know with a small letter). But… as long as I am acting like it is true, something that it truely are… I will become what I believe, every fucking thing that I believe.. I will become… ohhh.. Fuck.. Fuucckk IT!

I do want to, I don’t dare too, this is scary, I do not want to turn crazy, all this responsibility.. Shittt!!

Then I make myself to forget.. and suddenly, I’m back in this aking body as a sole human on a earth, that are slowly (or maybe not that slow anymore) straight into massive suffering and despair going into something that will appear ugly, and >I can’t see any way out of it..

Why because I will not take the responsibility of Knowing That I Am A Master just like we all are…

And please, please forget about all the things that are the right or wrong phats, doings, saying, actings or whatever else I can come up with…
When it comes to a choice, only one election is valid when it comes to my own ascension and that is all that matter to ME, that is the conscious choice to stay here until the journey is complete. In the end I have no other choice anyway…
I started this and I will finish it, so why not just stay.

To stay here as a Master, I have to be in command..
And That’s it… Nothing else!

No more asking my Soul or so on… to do an intervention, to help me with something or whatever I am up to…
First of all I have to understand my soul is only that.. My Soul!!
My soul is nothing else that a kind of a collector of the experiences I have had, have ever dreamt of having, fantasized about or whatever.
And that is the only way it is able to respond, based on my own experiences one way or another, so when I ask for help for something that is what it is mirroring back to you, more things I need help to…
And I and you will feel are that you are in need of help all the time, from other humans, angels, demons, god, spirit, jesus, esther, steve, jonett, geoffrey, adamus, kryon, and You Don’t..
I mean Your Soul’s answer will be I Don’t Care, I am not in command You Are and nothing/body else.. You the I Am. The I Exist!
No compromise eat, drink, do what ever you want and command it to serve you, or at least do as Tobias said.. ” just give it your blessing and it will always be a blessing for You.
You are your sole Consciousness and here it comes…
Suddenly I read somewhere… The problem with ‘Expanding your consciousness’
That made me wake up, to be fully awake, for God’s sake WTF…
Problem, what problem? The only problems are those I create for myself. Argh.. I am a Creator, a Conscious Creator, only in my own Domain.. so what, that is all i need, and So Are You!
We can co-create together yes we can, but when it comes to me..
I have to do it on My Own. It is actually quite easy, be in Command..

…and That’s all the world need, that’s what the world needs to see.
To be able to change (if I can do it, you can do it), you know my friend we will all be the change or the initiators of the shift…

This is who we are, we are The Teachers of the New Dawn, each and everyone’s own new Dawn.
This is Who we are, This is Who I Am, I Am Shaumbra, The Honorable Teacher/Leader Of My Family just like you are… My fellow travelers and companions from Home on the journey to create our common Home here on Earth. Our own classroom of Ascension, there are no other Way!!!

I know my last leg on this journey, I know I have to do on my own, and..
I know I am not alone, walking on the same path as I am, I have my Soul, my Spirit, my Christ self, my Angelic being, my God Self together with my little Human Self, teamed up together to who I am, a Master in my own Domain!

To me it is time to realize it, it is time to become Who I Am.

I am here and I Am The Master!

Just like you I EXIST!

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