44 Essences

I have really missed your tales Juniper.
Now I am waiting for the follow-up 🙂

Juniper's Tree of Tales

Juniper opened her eyes and for a moment wondered where she was. When she realized she was back in her bed in the House of Keahak, she sat bolt upright, now fully awake.

“UA!” she exclaimed aloud, so surprising herself she immediately moved her hand over her lips.

UA was perching on the end of the bed, a beatific smile on her glowing face. She was there, fully, solid.

“You…you’re here.” Juniper stuttered.

“I am always here, Juniper.” UA smiled back at her.

Juniper now excited at the possibilities reached forward and grabbed her hand, “You’re really here,” she whispered, clutching at UA’s hand.

“Yes, I am. Jennifer has allowed me into the House of the Human,” she said, then smiling continued, “She even presented me with my own key!”

Juniper smiled at this as she faintly remembers the imagined exchange. A sweet moment between human and Master.

“And now…

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