All is Perfect in all of Creation


To me, this is the absolute truth.
And to be totally clear I don’t give a fuck when others ask why I do this, or that, or don’t. Because it really does not matter. Not to me anyway, and that is all that matter. Nothing about others do anymore.
All up to this moment in time, in a way it did.
It has been all about collective creation, I have created together with others in a no sovereign way and with a collective goal to reach. And that, that opened up to me judging me, judging others, and to allow others judge me in the spectrum of right and wrong.

I have the knowledge that all that I do is perfect… for me, on this journey.
I am fucking free, just like you are. I am free to experience and to do just as I feel like in the moment, without having to give it any second thought, and to give any damn thought or attention any other than me.

I am the only one person that I have to trust and give my attention to when it comes to me. Yes, I can get support and give support to others human or not, but it really does not matter at all if I do not trust myself.
I just have to give myself permission to be me here in the now at any moment.

And that trust comes into play when I remember that all is well in all of creation.

I have the knowledge that whatever I do serve me, and I mean whatever.
So to all others shut the fuck up if I do not ask for any advice. My creation is mine and mine only and for others to try to intervene in my creation is totally disrespectful, just as it is for me to try to correct others whatever they do.
Why, because all is well in all of creation.

It does not mean tho, that I am not open to listening to others about their experiences and to be perfectly clear I am not only open to it, it is essential to me.
You are my fellow travelers on this journey and it helps me to know that I am not alone in this craziness of a travel through time and space.
I recognize myself in so many ways in you, in so many ways of experiencing and perceive what is going on with and within me. So my deepest thanks, and gratitude to you all, to all of you that have supported me perfectly and taken part at any given moment of my journey in the now moment.

This realization of who and what I am not only here as the Master on this earth right now but also so much more, all held together in my I Am the knowingness that I exist in time and space and that I always have is kind of overwhelming. It is not possible to wrap my human mind around it… and it does not matter.
It does not matter at all because all I have to acknowledge is…

It is all perfectly imperfect so All Is Perfect In All Of Creation!

and so it is…

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