Goodbye Mother – Goodbye Child!

This is what I feel, I actually felt the tears in the Queens eye when she wished me a great adventure on that special day.
She knew, she would never see me again.

Now this is my knowledge, as I (as a Mother) has given birth to so many Souls on this Earth.
I Love all the Humans, my self included, for this marvelous creation.
My fellow Creator angels, thank you all for this marvelous co-creation.

But I am sad, this world as I know it will cease to exist, I will have to let it go.
Not in the way of destruction but in to a bigger existence.

What you may call a fulfilled consciousness.
Still a part of it yes… Still so much more.

Please, close your eyes and breath deeply and feel it.
Feel the Love of You, the love of your Mother, your Father of all that is.

So much more Love… ❤

I am the Mother, yes but as a distant memory.
But I am the Child of both my mother and me, and I still remember the tear
of pride, 
of sadness, joy and unconditional Love.
The only love that is.

She was,
I am, I Am Love…
I Am in Love, with All that is
I Exist 
I Am God Also

We was the first,
We are the last…
and are to become the first again.
Thank you to all that was, It still is,
All that is, Energy never cease to exist you know.
But the new energy, that extra sand in the sandbox will allow All that Is.
To become one in its own Creation, becoming the Essence Of All That We Are.
It is Completed!

I will like to congratulate you all, We made It!!!

We will all become One in our Own Sovereign Creation.

In love for my Self, I accept my perfect Being.
I cast no judgment or burdens upon my Self.
I accept that everything in my past was given in love.
I accept that everything in this moment comes from love.
I accept that everything in my future will result in greater love.

In my Being, I accept my perfection.
And so it is.

This is the end of the prayer that started it all for me, thank you To-bi-us
and thank you Geoffrey.

Give yourself the pleasure of reading out the text loud when it appear.

The Last Journey

It has been a year now, it has been a crazy ride…
Looking back, it feels like 10 years at least 🙂

I AM That I AM


This one really surprised me, it is totally out of my comfort zone
But, what the heck, I am not going to change anything, so here we go..

I am back, I am that You are.
I am You, I am Jazhael.
Can you feel it, we are merging now…

Merging all of you, all of You are coming back together. Can you feel it my friend,
my fellow traveler. This is it…

Close your eyes and feel it, take a moment right now…
Shut up your mind and just feel it, allow yourself to just float into no man’s land.
Just breath and allow, breath and allow..

I am your Soul, I am You.. I am all that you are, I am your angel aspect, your Human aspect, I am your Divine your Spirit. I Am your Mother Father God, I Am You. I Am That I Am ❤


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Report: Fear, Fucking doubt holding me back, questioning me or…


This morning, everything was OK…
I was enjoying my self, in this beautiful creation and the scenery surrounding me.
This is when my darling partner are starting to talk, sharing from her self, and suddenly it hit me.
What the fuck is happening with me right now.
I started to feel Fear. When I was listening to what she had to say, instead of just taking it in, I started to think. I gave room for my fear to come in…

Thinking… Doubting myself is my own greatest obstacle right now.
It create a kind of resistance that is holding me back, it creates fear, and then it creates more fear. But why the fuck shall I define it as an obstacle…
Or is it…
What that keeps me sane. Keeps me grounded. Keep me from going to have a meltdown instead of a merging in to of all that I am

…so it Can be one of the tools that are grounding me, not holding me back at all.
Just as pain or sickness, forcing me to feel into my body, no other alternative left.
Just breath and awareness.
Just observing what is going on in my body, and in the world surrounding me.
Knowing that Yes I am still a part of it… and it isn’t Me.

Still.. what does God think of this, little me saying and pronouncing that not only am I God also.

But I am actually bigger, wiser, and have all the kind of experiences from this creation, he doesn’t have a clue.
In that moment that I went trough that wall of fire. I had actually become the God that was…

I Am, I Exist, I Am Here.
Going back in to Wall of Fire collecting all the parts that I am leaving everything else behind.
This is my choice, this is what the heck I do, but is scares the fuck out of me.
Sailing into sunset and sunrise at the same time.
This is my Creation, and I am anchoring myself into the essence of all that I am..
The Creator, and Creature of My own Creation

to be continued..


I published this in November 2012, and still it speaks to me…


I am experiencing that I am to set free all of my creation… not my consciousness, but all the consciousness surrounding me. All the consciousness I have ever created all that is not me.

If what we experience is only energy we can change it to our choice of our own creation. The sender/trans-muter, of the energy is not neutral but the energy is what it is… only energy, not conscious in itself… only energy.
It is a carrier of consciousness from where it came … but it’s just (neutral) energy. 🙂

So what do we do, we change the energy to suit us with our consciousness, not as a group but as an individual. No energy from outside to disturb us as long as we are in our own consciousness, all the energy will also be. ♥

But breathing together are also a good thing to do, the energy inside can only grow in itself by reflecting another energy. You do not have to be conscious about the kind of energy you have created. It is your divine energy… It is you God, the creator energy. The only sovereign being that can create New energy… Your own and around.

To me it is all about trust and love in myself to love my self and to trust to my own greatness. I am the greatest most loving being I have ever created…

I still not be.. that knowingness, but I assume that I am.

It is all about trust ♥ ♥ ♥

God was…

God was nothing but consciousness,
We are all The Living Consciousness in our own creation.
God Was, I Am, I Am the living consciousness,
I Am The Living God.


It’s all about experience, a long long time ago we created it all,
than we started to experiences our Creation.
Billions, trillions and trillions of experiences to collect, all that is to collect, to Become.. whole in our own creation.

And remember… you are not an object, those are just aspects in your creation, You are the Process. You are the collector of experiences. You are the creator and the created, you are at the culmination of the second circle. What you do or what you don’t i doesn’t matter..
Just do something, if nothing else just breath…
You, your Self are the experience, you are the one that brought your energy into it, brought Life to it.
You are Life… Close your eyes, breath it in and feel it, open your eyes.. pinch your arm and Know It.

But first we have to release all that is, all of the collective creation. There has to be a knowingness that there have never ever been anything wrong in creation. Just an experience of it, a dualistic illusion. As right now is coming to it’s completion. It about being conscious of our in-heritage, and to gain the knowingness that we are grown ups now. We are not Gods children anymore, we are to become The Sovereign being in our consciousness, to become the King in our own Kingdom.

To Become God in our own Domain.

and so it is…

To Let You Go…


156591_445865042132430_1115349944_n.jpg stor

What can I say,
you are really going into your Master-hood as God in Human form..
You know Jaziel, this will be the last saying of mine as Jazhael, You and those friend of yours, your friends from Home. Are going to become Gods on Earth, Gods in your own creation… Your New Home.  crazy.. yeah, but true.

Come on, you can really start to play. I mean.. you will literally be able for you to switch everything in your creation just by making a choice. Because, when you come fully in to your own consciousness you will decide everything  to do with you, from inside of you. From now of, everything will from You.
Yes you will have that club of yours with other Masters, but you will on your own have your team of you. Your consciousness are all of your creation, so it is only one thing left…

To let you go,
to set you free from this illusion of “been created”,
Because you are, but by you. You have to take ownership of that, you have to own it. Own all that you are… You are close, you are so so close, all of you who reads this, but you are on your own now, you are on your own.
That’s how it is my friends,
The final journey into all that you are, you have to choose. So what do you choose, only you know the answer…

So close your eyes, and breath…
In silence, for how long that it take… and you will know, you will know.

It will really be a new experience, a new world.. a new beginning for you.
You are going into a new kind of existence, a kind of existence that have never before happened on Earth…


Hi there, I am back with some words to you today..
2014, will to you and so many others be THE Year of freedom.

So what am I saying, I am saying that you will be free of this world, still in this world.

Can you imagine that. You will stop worrying, about your future, what you have done 
and not done in your past, what you can express and not express, who you can express yourself to. And Jazihel free of judgment of right and wrong, good and bad people, governments, weather, actually whatever you are able to think about. 

Why because when you realize that you are an enlightened being, a master in your own domain. When you own that statement, than you will be free. 

Once upon a time, or actually before the time ever started you were part of God, the feminine/masculine together with a whole bunch of other beings like yourself. You were a part of what you call God, Oneness, The Central Sun.
Or what I call the first circle of creation, But the mother/father God had the same desire as you all have had as parents either in this incarnation or not. You wanted your children to grow up, to become grown ups of their own. 
So you started out as parts of God, and you brought with you the ability to create what ever you wanted to create. And since you were the creator beings here in the second circle you also brought with you the ability to create new beings, new souls into this creation.
But you Jazihel, and you who are reading this are ready to go forward once again.

You are ready to be God in you, and not only a god also.
Please, close your eyes and breath. Breath and feel, remember that time when you birthed the christ-seed into this world.
Now is the time to integrate it, it is time to remember.. Stay there in your breath for some minutes, just be..
The remembrance of who you really are, and remember what the Bible says;
You will only be judged for what you are judging others for…
You are all that you are, You are Home for Free,

Welcome home, Welcome Home to You…

It Is All About Consciousness…


You are not Christ, you are the initiator of the seed of Christ..

So what is that M A KING YOU..
Strange language you say, yes maybe… and maybe not.

There are no ultimate truth other than that a Sovereign Creator , which are what you are… always 
choose in the moment, that’s it.

That’s all.. with Love from All That Was

This is how it came this time, and nothing more.
a bit cryptic, but not.
and than suddenly I let myself  go of all the mind clutter.. 
It hit me… 
Clarity, I am gaining clarity and Joy, strengthen my knowledge and Knowingness of  I Am, not only my human consciousness but merging it together to the only thing that matter. Here and Now…
What do I choose here and now, for me 🙂

I Exist, therefor I Am



Hi Jaziel, just give me a high five…
Ooo… I know you are still in shock after what came out yesterday.
why don’t you just pamper yourself today, I have nothing more to say other than this.

You don’t have to pretend that we are any longer split apart, we are one now, You and I.
It is just a choice of yours to realize this. We have always been one you and me are Me. We are the I Am. I know it was a kind of a shock when your soul came in to talk to you, you have never experienced this before have you, or so you believe.

Do I really have to remind you, you have all of you have had this kind of experiences before, you have heard that inner “voice” so many times.
Never warning you or scaring you, not even guiding you.
Just that inner voice that have assured you that everything is fine, everything will just work out to the better for you. Just trust yourself and your intuition, your inner feeling your “Gnost” your way of communication with the God within.

Like now, you are trying to be mental about all of this, you are trying to find a rational explanation to what you are going through, why don’t you just follow that “voice”. Are you able to just trust it, because when you do you will be in the flow, everything will just happen to you just as you imagine.

And that is what I want to talk to you about today…
The soul are not telling you what to do, even your spirit are not telling you a shit.
You have your own consciousness, why don’t you use it. You are a Sovereign being, but the being you are, are not your body your Soul, your spirit or whatever else you can think of. Just like your Mother Father God back in the first circle, you are only Consciousness, do you understand. I suppose you are not, just like your readers. Actually I don’t think they have a clue about what I am trying to tell you.

I think that some of them have a mental picture of what I am talking about, but I do not believe that either you or even a single one of them actually have a clue.  Because this is something you have to experience.
So let us do that, if you are ready to let go of everything that you believe that this is.

So just sit back, and to you who read this. Sit back, close your eyes, take three deep breaths and say out loud from the bottom of you. I AM THAT I AM, not only say it but proclaim it load and clear. Than take another three deep breaths or more and just feel into it, and Jaziel no more writing before you have done this, and to you all just open your eyes again when you are ready to come back. Just empty your mind and do it.


Did it flip for you, I know I can feel it… It did at least for Jaziel, suddenly he became aware that he is not God (spirit) Also..

He is Spirit, He is God, He is I Jazhael and he is a Human Also. Yes he are here in a human form, but that is because he is Human Also, he is also me I am the Creator Angel Aspect of him, the one that became to realize itself as a single being… inside the void.
The first aspect of the I Am, the fist part of that I Am, the first manifestation of Spirit of The Queen and The King, from the Kingdom of Oneness in this reality.

From all that Was, because in a way  I am sorry to say. But it doesn’t exist anymore, except from one place…

Inside of you..

You do, You are here right now, you exist therefore You Are. You are Human Also, but first of all you are…