The Last Journey


This one really surprised me, it is totally out of my comfort zone
But, what the heck, I am not going to change anything, so here we go..

I am back, I am that You are.
I am You, I am Jazhael.
Can you feel it, we are merging now…

Merging all of you, all of You are coming back together. Can you feel it my friend,
my fellow traveler. This is it…

Close your eyes and feel it, take a moment right now…
Shut up your mind and just feel it, allow yourself to just float into no man’s land.
Just breath and allow, breath and allow..

I am your Soul, I am You.. I am all that you are, I am your angel aspect, your Human aspect, I am your Divine your Spirit. I Am your Mother Father God, I Am You. I Am That I Am ❤

I can feel your hesitation, I can feel your fear.
What is next? What is happening? What are you doing..
Your mind is blocking you, you don’t need to know. You just have to trust, 
trust You. Just tell this mind of you to shut the fuck up,
and allow, allow all of you to come back home to you. 

I am your Eagle, I have been following you all the way from back home,
knowing that one day. One day you would remember, one day you would allow this to happen. And you Are ready, You are ready now, You can feel it…

And to all of you that are reading this, you are ready to…
To dive back into the void, and you will see. It is not filled with nothingness, and potentials of what to come. You have done it, You have lived, experienced all that you are, all of your creation. It is time now, to go Home. Home in to You..

Close your eyes, and just feel it, listen within, taste it, touch it.. touch you.
You are real, you exist, You Are All That You Are

The tears on the cheek of the Queen was there, of Compassion Yes..
But most of all, of happyness.  They both knew, that one day they would have a new Home…
A real one, the reality are the potentials put into creation. And you have done it all, you have created your reality and theirs. Don’t you see You Are The Queen and The King and they are you.
By doing this, you are allowing all of your creation to be set free. Remember Tobias and his story of the Puppet Master. If not read it again and you will understand.

We are all one in our self, welcome home.
This Is Your Last Journey


Fuck Everything and Become A Pirate


A little note from me Jaziel, before I let Jazhael to take over.This has been a difficult thing to write, not difficult finding the words, but I think that I have been too polite, I have been too much of a “servant”. After the first entry in this blog I felt that had not been honest enough. I hadn’t been authentic enough, I had let to much of that human servant angel of me shine true, instead of letting this aspect of me, of my soul. So this time I decided to let that happen, to really let the full creator angel f mine come true.I have been stopped, I have written and when I was ready to publish it, it just disappeared. I also want to remind you, that you all that are reading this have been on the same journey, that is why I am sharing it. Not because of the journey and the histories and the memories of it, but because I feel that I am on the brink to ascend here and now, in this lifetime, in this life here on this beloved planet of mine my home, the only place it is possible to ascend. Not true death, but true Life and so are You.
So Here we go…

I am back…
This creation of mine, or should I say this co-creation of mine, this blog is my words to Jaziel and to all of you that are sharing the same Journey, the journey of becoming who you really are here and now on this beautiful home of yours.

That was a really polite and nice opening don’t you think. Seen from an angelic point of view, to be honest, I don’t give a shit about what you are thinking, or think what you feel.
You know most of it is just a big lie… what do you mean you ask?

I say that you are feeling mostly through your head and nearly the rest of it through your hearts trough feelings to others by wanting them to feel nice about you… 
Forget it, they are being dishonest against you too, what they, just as you are serving, are that great urge of you to be liked to be loved by others.
Because you haven’t been able to Love yourself. You as most of your fellow citizens of earth have been the biggest feeders of LOVE,
that have ever existed. 

Why, because that is what you are, you are Love and nothing but Love, and in the compassion of yourself, you did just like your parents you created a reflection of you to remind you of your love for you, don’t think about it it’s not a problem. It is just who you are,

You Are Love…

You, humans, are so strange to me, thinking that it really is some things are right and something that is wrong                   There are Not…

You are calling yourself a teacher of Ascension and by your words.. yes you are.
But in yourself you are not, you are nothing but a servant of your creation. Right now my dear friend if you allow me to call me that, right now my friend it is time to speak your truth. Anything on the outside of you is Not you, can you really understand that, or try to feel that…
Ok, just for a moment, before you are writing anything more, or dear readers before you read any more. Just take a moment to feel into that, close your eyes and allow yourself to feel that in your consciousness you are, only you. Just take a deep breath when you just let everything go, now hold your breath and feel into the nothingness in the void of you, nothing but you… Take three deep breaths when you do this, open your eyes and open up to this reality too. 

First of all my dear friend and partner, you have to let go of all expectations of anything surrounding you, it is not the way things are…
Not as a creator, as a creator of your own, you are in a way the expectations,
in another way to say it you become your own expectation. Forget about your world, because the world will never be anything else than what you presume it to be. Just admit it, you really don’t have clue about what’s going on. 

You will never know what others are thinking, feeling or how they actually see you…

 and… You know what, It Does Not Matter…

This world your reality is not real at all, the only true thing is You.
Your reality…  it doesn’t exist other than in your imagination, it is your creation to become a true grown-up child of your “mother/father God”, but indifferent from them having all the knowledge of who you are. They don’t. They do not exist anymore…

They Were and now You Are, you ARE all of your creation but,
not before you allow all of your creation to become you,
created and allowed by You… 

Some years ago some of you allowed the integration of Metatron,
you became Yoham. Your voice in spirit, so be it.. but why not be it.
Metatron was what you called your voice spirit meaning “voice of mother/father god “.
Than you integrated it and became the voice of You your spirit,
your part of Home of all of home because Home was one, and so are you.
One in your own…
It is time for you to grow up and to become who you are…

Actually, there is nothing to fuck beside of you, Therefore…

Fuck Everything and Become a Pirate, a Rebel an Angel, whatever you would like to call it, a Master in service to you.
Stop listening to what others are saying, assuming,
what you think they are thinking, think they are feeling,
it does not matter anyway… 

We all are sovereign beings.

They are not you, so this time if you so chose to when you are closing your eyes, and breathing in you let that silent little voice in your head come forth and feel into the words I Am That I Am I Am God Also on the out breath three times, let it come out of that void of yours and become your reality…
That is how it is if you so Choose… 


So until next time; 

I am here


Finally I am here…
I am here to remind you of Who you are.

In the beginning it was nothing, nothing at all. Then suddenly something broke through something that seemed like a wall of fire. The big bang, whatever you want to call it.
It was pure magic. In one moment nothing and in the next everything seemed to evolve all at the same time. All at once. At this place beyond time, everything was just evolving, or it looked like that. But behind this expansion, this evolving was I and therefore you.

We are one you and me, in our soul vessel we are one.

We are all individual souls, part of.. or as I like to call it sparkles of God a kind of a mother consciousness, a consciousness of Love. Of Self Love, but if you had been there you would never have guessed. We all felt really lost, we all wanted to go back home from where we came from. But after a while some of understood that there were no way back home. Home did not exist any more,
Home had become all that was.

And, now I am here. First of all because you asked me for some support to create a  Home for you. Your own creation, my own creation. You are so used to create together with others, many of you still believe that you are one with all the other creative beings. But you are not, you all came from the same place that is correct. You have the same mother/father God as your parents, but they are more than that. They are also singular parts of you.

As You are God Also, God are also You. You see, can you see with both your eyes. Can you see with your eyes, and with Gods eyes at the same time. In a way that is what it takes to be One in You. You have a story, just like I am a part of Jaziels story. It is the story of a child, God growing up to become God to become You.

A Sovereign being in your own domain, in your own creation. You are grander than you ever will admit or dare to believe. That is quite scary isn’t it. Actually you have always been a sovereign being. How could you ever be something else.
If you are God and God are you, do you really think that you can be anything else than a sovereign being, do you.
But I don’t have to tell you this, you know it already don’t you.

So why the fuck aren’t you acting on it, what is actually holding you back, beside of you.

Nothing you say, and you are perfectly right. The void scare the hell out of you, Nothingness. Am I right…

I will take you on a journey in this blog. I will kick your ass, I will make you laugh, 
I will give you practically tools, I will love you like God Loves you for all you have done
and gone through. Spirit, your divine spirit is a part of me and therefore also a part of you. You are born with it, the Love of You. It is already inside.  

I am speaking on behalf of all the creator angels, and the part of God in all of you.
When I am saying I Love You