The Last Journey


This one really surprised me, it is totally out of my comfort zone
But, what the heck, I am not going to change anything, so here we go..

I am back, I am that You are.
I am You, I am Jazhael.
Can you feel it, we are merging now…

Merging all of you, all of You are coming back together. Can you feel it my friend,
my fellow traveler. This is it…

Close your eyes and feel it, take a moment right now…
Shut up your mind and just feel it, allow yourself to just float into no man’s land.
Just breath and allow, breath and allow..

I am your Soul, I am You.. I am all that you are, I am your angel aspect, your Human aspect, I am your Divine your Spirit. I Am your Mother Father God, I Am You. I Am That I Am ❤

I can feel your hesitation, I can feel your fear.
What is next? What is happening? What are you doing..
Your mind is blocking you, you don’t need to know. You just have to trust, 
trust You. Just tell this mind of you to shut the fuck up,
and allow, allow all of you to come back home to you. 

I am your Eagle, I have been following you all the way from back home,
knowing that one day. One day you would remember, one day you would allow this to happen. And you Are ready, You are ready now, You can feel it…

And to all of you that are reading this, you are ready to…
To dive back into the void, and you will see. It is not filled with nothingness, and potentials of what to come. You have done it, You have lived, experienced all that you are, all of your creation. It is time now, to go Home. Home in to You..

Close your eyes, and just feel it, listen within, taste it, touch it.. touch you.
You are real, you exist, You Are All That You Are

The tears on the cheek of the Queen was there, of Compassion Yes..
But most of all, of happyness.  They both knew, that one day they would have a new Home…
A real one, the reality are the potentials put into creation. And you have done it all, you have created your reality and theirs. Don’t you see You Are The Queen and The King and they are you.
By doing this, you are allowing all of your creation to be set free. Remember Tobias and his story of the Puppet Master. If not read it again and you will understand.

We are all one in our self, welcome home.
This Is Your Last Journey