I(am) Jaziel
Jaziel is a ‘bonus grandfather’, a ‘bon vivant’ and the founder of Shaumbra Pirates.
Born as an indigo child, he were a natural rebel against everything that had the faintest hint of authority, especially with a strongly religious father.
At the age of 15, he became a sailor and a part-time criminal just for the fun of it.
He did drugs to the extent of it becoming abuse, living life with no other laws than his own.
His first big shift occurred in August 1987, when he died in the operating theater.

He became a responsible citizen and a father with a career in sale.
But on his way to enlightenment, he lost it all. It was a crisis that changed everything.
Coming out of that crisis finding Crimson Circle and thereby other Shaumbra


In this blog I will be speaking to you as Jazhael, the Creator Angel facet of my Soul.

I was sitting outside one morning trying to listen to some.
channelings, but it just was not possible. It started and stopped,
started again and stopped…
Some voice were saying; listen to yourself, listen to you,
and share it.. Express this facet of You

I had so much resistance, it really made me scared.
Will people now think that I have finally gone crazy,
who does he think that he is a Creator Angel.
One of those which have created All That Is… but it actually cooked
down to… It really doesn’t matter.
It does not matter what people think, it doesn’t matter if anybody or nobody are reading this. It doesn’t matter, because what that matter
are that I am doing this for me, to express myself…

So it may be that this blog will be a bit controversial, because Jazhael
are not used to being polite and filled up with compassion yes, but not always that  understanding. Jazhael is not human, and he have never been in human form. He is a angelic being not used to all these rules and regulations that are in place here on Earth. So you have to excuse him/her if he some times are stepping over your comfort line.

So who are Jazhael;
Jazhael contains the energy of Isis and Adam, male and female, good and evil, and of course of Spirit and the God within. He/She is a Creator Angel, and a facet of my Soul.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. The same desire, the same resistance, the same releasing… I am in that place also.
    Doesn’t it feel good to hear Yourself?!! The words come with a knowingness, like a burst of laughter!


  2. Hi! Looking forward to follow your blog for a while, don`t know for how long…:) feel much like you, at the moment almost everything “outside” me is boring; channelings, books….much bla bla bla.. quite scary… and exiting, I know I am the creator of my life!!! ❤


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